Dave Richards, owner and operator of Summit Contractors, has been building custom homes for over 40 years. He started working with his father and brothers in the Island Park, Idaho area as a young child. From those experiences, he developed a keen eye for detail, and substantial knowledge on how to build things that last. In 1996, after graduating with a bachelor in construction management from ISU, he moved to Heber City, Utah where he has utilized those skills ever since. His past in a family- run business has motivated him to keep his own family involved in Summit Contractors as well. 

Taylor, Dave’s oldest son, has followed in his footsteps and is now a major part of the Summit operation. Dave and Taylor share rolls that include project management, bidding, accounting, client relations, and everything in between. Like Dave, Taylor was also raised up in the business. Working closely with Dave, he learned to develop a keen eye for detail, quality, craftsmanship, and the appreciation of being involved and hands on through the building process. Taylor graduated from BYU-Idaho with both a degree in business finance and construction management. 

The spirit of a family run business has now continued with another son, Willard, who has recently joined the Summit team. Wills great passion is in working with the big equipment that is used to build these incredible homes. Wills greatest contribution is his love and knowledge of the equipment that goes into building these amazing homes. You can often find Will running the equipment, delivering materials, and keeping the major operations of the build run smoothly. 

The fourth member of the Summit team is Kyler McDonald. A finish carpenter by trade, Kyler shares the keen attention to detail, and great knowledge of the overall construction process, that is critical to meet the standards of quality Summit strives for. Kyler can often be found immersed in the details of the build and ensuring the highest quality to the client. The model that has made Summit successful over the past 25 years of business, is being very hands on, and in touch with every project. Dave, Taylor, Will, and Kyler can all be found on jobs each and every day. This ensures that no detail is missed, and that there is no “out of touch” feeling with any home. 

More importantly than the quality home you will have from hiring Summit Contractors – you get a team to guide you along the way. Dave and Taylor have developed great relationships with their clients over the last 25 years of business. Summit is there for you from picking your lot, helping to assemble the perfect team to bring your dream to life, managing all construction oversight, all the way to scheduling the moving trucks, and everything in between. Through this process, great friendships have been made. These lasting relationships are one of the great byproducts that happens when you have a great team of people, all working towards a common goal. Our belief is that the quality of your home, and the experience that will be had building it, comes from the true passion for this work that is shared by all of the members on the Summit team.